Info to the contact details of embassies, consulates and Honorary Consulates

Embassies, Consulates, and Honorary Consulates


In addition to standard emergency numbers, Global Help also contains contact details for the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and selected diplomatic missions for all 194 official UN member states and other, disputed territories:

  1. Ministries of Foreign Affairs for every state. Contact details for the country that represent the country’s interests globally, promote international exchange, and help its citizens abroad. Calling these numbers from abroad means you’re making an international call and may have to take the different time zone into consideration. There may only be skeleton staff available or the ministry may be closed completely. These addresses can also be used within the country to obtain preparatory information for the travel destination or information on health and safety, or to reach the crisis response center. You can find the contact details for every state in Global Help even if no diplomatic missions have been recorded so far.
  2. Embassies are the official representative of their country for their respective area. They assist their citizens in cases of emergency, can issue visas for entering the country they represent, and carry out administrative and notarial tasks for citizens abroad. The embassies are the first point of contact if you find yourself in an emergency situation abroad or when you need an entry visa for your holiday destination. If, for instance, a German national wants to spend their next holiday in Vietnam, Global Help allows them to find the Vietnamese Embassy in Berlin where they can apply for a visa.
  3. Consulates General und Consulates are similar to embassies in that they help citizens in emergency situations but they do not maintain political relations. In large countries such as the United States, Germany maintains several Consulates but only one embassy. Essentially, consulates are satellite representations of the embassies with fewer responsibilities. 
  4. Honorary Consulates are "freelancers". They are active in countries or regions where a permanent representation would be too expensive. They do not have to be nationals of the country they represent and are usually familiar with local conditions and customs so that they can offer valuable assistance. Unfortunately, honorary consulates (and their respective contact details) may change frequently. Global Help contains honorary consulates insofar as we were able to confirm then; so they will need to be updated the most frequent.

Contact Information

To facilitate contact we have not only included telephone numbers but also postal, e-mail, and web addresses. Due to the large amount and short life span of this information we have focussed on the most important data:

  1. There's a separate field for the address. Tapping on the field opens Google Maps in Safari where you are shown the location. You can then ask Google Maps to calculate the route so that there is no need for additional navigation software. In some countries, there may not be sufficient data available to display the exact location. In many African countries, for instances, addresses are specified with kilometre or intersection information. If you tilt your iOS device on its side, the address is displayed fullscreen, so that you can show it more easily to others and ask them for help.
  2. We only list one contact phone number. In most cases, this is the central number for both telephone and fax. Some missions also offer an emergency number outside of business hours. This will usually be a mobile number that may change at short notice. If a diplomatic mission is closed the answering machine should tell you the current emergency number.
  3. Web addresses will generally be in the language of the corresponding country or in English or French. You can also use this URL to check the service of the corresponding diplomatic mission or to obtain current information.
  4. Email addresses will be general addresses in order to avoid personal addresses.
  5. Contact details have changed: The biggest issue with this kind of information is that by the time the newest version is available in iTunes, the information may already have changed. We do our best to verify information and check the source. Unfortunately, we are unable to check all information continuously so that we need your help. If you find an outdated record you can edit and even add information directly in Global Help. You can then send us your changes (Feedback > Report changes) so that other users may profit as well. This option will show all changes and new entries and information. You can now select which information to send to us and which you want to keep to yourself (like contact details for friends and relatives). The changes are sent as a standard email. There is no hidden data stream or connection to a server. You want complete transparency and so do we. If you have selected the wrong data to be sent you can still delete it in the email.
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5 Stars Perfect travel companion
This app is a life saver, yet hoping it never has to be one for me. Due to my profession I travel a lot internationally and I love traveling on my holidays as well always looking forward to find the next wonders of world, and often times have to go to countries where I do not speak the local language where I always try to take into account all „what if‘s“. In the past I was always printing out phone numbers to local embassies as well as emergency numbers incase something happened. I got this app few months back and now with this app I‘ve had great peace of mind while traveling as it has all numbers and contacts in one convenient place - and after double checking various destinations all information seems to be well up to date (unlike some web services I‘ve tried in the past). I still do write down some numbers from the app itself incase I get pick pocketed or break my phone, but now I save hours of time not having to look up this information before hand and I have all numbers conveniently in one place. Definitely recommend for all frequent business and leisure travelers as well as to other people who want to have peace of mind over „what if‘s“ while traveling. Also, the 1.5 update provided so many added locations to the app that I‘m upgrading my rating from 4* to 5*.

5 Stars Excellent app
Very useful app for anyone who travels. Also customer support are extreemely nice and helpful.

4 Stars Don‘t Leave home without it
If you travel internationally, you should consider purchasing Global Help. Emergency info, all major credit card contact info, embassies, and more in a well organized, easy to use place. No more compiling all this data yourself prior to travel. For a small price, you get a valuable service which could save your life in a far away land. 4 stars!