Global Help crashes on launch – what can I do?

IMPORTANT: This is an old workaround for all users with iOS 8.x and older. This unfortunately does not work for iOS 9 users. We are working on a fix for the current iOS 9 issue.


If  you encounter issues while launching or using Global Help, you can try following. Make sure you have a backup version of Global Help on your Mac or PC within your iTunes environment. You will delete the installed version on your iPhone or iPod, and synchronize it again from your Mac or PC. Here the steps:

  1. Start your iPhone or iPod touch.
  2. Go to the screen where you can see the Global Help app.
  3. Put your finger on the app and hold the finger till all apps start shaking.
  4. You will see a white cross at the upper left corner on all custom apps.
  5. Now, touch on the cross next to the Global Help app.
  6. You will see a message that you are in progress to delete Global Help.
  7. Confirm this step by clicking on “Delete”.
  8. No need to rate the app (but you can, if you want), so you can click on “No”.
  9. Now press the Home button (the big one at the bottom)
  10. Apps stop shaking and the cross marks are gone.
  11. Connect your iPhone with your computer and synchronize again.
  12. Global Help will be installed new.
  13. Disconnect your iPhone and please try again.

This can solve issues after you have updated “Global Help” with a newer version or after you have installed a newer iOS version. You can use these steps also for all other apps with same symptoms.

But no panic if you deleted Global Help, the iTunes Store knows all about your purchases. So, just visit the App Store and get Global Help again for free. You have to tab on the “Buy now” button, and following message appears:

This update is free because you own a previous version of this item. To get this update now, select OK. You can update this software application for free. Would you like to update?

Available on the AppStore

iTunes Store Reviews:

5 Stars Perfect travel companion
This app is a life saver, yet hoping it never has to be one for me. Due to my profession I travel a lot internationally and I love traveling on my holidays as well always looking forward to find the next wonders of world, and often times have to go to countries where I do not speak the local language where I always try to take into account all „what if‘s“. In the past I was always printing out phone numbers to local embassies as well as emergency numbers incase something happened. I got this app few months back and now with this app I‘ve had great peace of mind while traveling as it has all numbers and contacts in one convenient place - and after double checking various destinations all information seems to be well up to date (unlike some web services I‘ve tried in the past). I still do write down some numbers from the app itself incase I get pick pocketed or break my phone, but now I save hours of time not having to look up this information before hand and I have all numbers conveniently in one place. Definitely recommend for all frequent business and leisure travelers as well as to other people who want to have peace of mind over „what if‘s“ while traveling. Also, the 1.5 update provided so many added locations to the app that I‘m upgrading my rating from 4* to 5*.

5 Stars Excellent app
Very useful app for anyone who travels. Also customer support are extreemely nice and helpful.

4 Stars Don‘t Leave home without it
If you travel internationally, you should consider purchasing Global Help. Emergency info, all major credit card contact info, embassies, and more in a well organized, easy to use place. No more compiling all this data yourself prior to travel. For a small price, you get a valuable service which could save your life in a far away land. 4 stars!